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Long-Term Disability Insurance for Rheumatologists

Long-Term Disability Insurance for Rheumatologists

Rheumatologists play a critical role in diagnosing and treating complex autoimmune and musculoskeletal conditions. However, when injury or illness prevents them from performing their duties, these doctors deserve support. Securing the long-term disability benefits they’ve paid for is essential for rheumatologists sidelined by disability, allowing them to recover without financial stress. However, knowing what to do when filing complex LTD insurance claims can be daunting. An experienced long-term disability attorney can provide a crucial lifeline at this challenging time.

If you are a rheumatologist whose health issues are making work impossible, contact the seasoned legal team at Capitan Law today. With a singular focus on representing disability claimants against insurance companies, Capitan Law has the knowledge and resources to fight for the LTD benefits you’re owed. Contact our LTD benefits lawyers today at (267) 419-7888 for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

What Are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance provides partial income replacement if injury or illness prevents you from working for an extended period. LTD benefits start after short-term disability ends, typically after 90 to 180 days of disability.  They provide benefits until retirement age or recovery, depending on the policy terms.

LTD benefits come from insurance policies offered by employers or purchased individually. Group LTD policies through employers are regulated under federal law, specifically ERISA. Individual LTD policies are regulated under state laws. If you feel confused about the particular terms of your policy or how they relate to your situation, consulting with a disability benefits attorney can help you understand your rights.

Why Do I Need LTD Insurance if I Already Have Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation only covers disabilities arising from workplace injuries. LTD insurance covers disabilities stemming from any injury or illness, whether work-related or not.

For example, workers’ comp would cover a warehouse worker who suffers an injury while lifting heavy boxes at work. But it would not cover that worker if they developed multiple sclerosis or leukemia. LTD insurance helps fill this gap by providing income for disabilities unrelated to work.

Furthermore, depending on the state, workers’ compensation benefits often run out after a specified number of weeks. LTD benefits will last for the length of time specified in the LTD policy, often until you recover from your condition or until you reach the age of retirement.

Long-Term Disability Insurance for Rheumatologists 2How Can Long-Term Disability Benefits Help Rheumatologists?

LTD insurance provides critical protection by replacing lost income if a disability strikes. Since LTD benefits are, in essence, wage replacement benefits, the disabled rheumatologist would be paid the amount of monthly benefits outlined in the LTD policy. While those benefits will never be 100%, policies are available that pay between 50% and 80% of the insured’s wages at the time the policy is purchased.

These benefits make it possible for the household to continue with as little financial disruption as possible despite the insured’s inability to return to work. Whatever the cause of your health-related professional interruption, long-term disability benefits can offer the peace of mind you deserve.

How Do I File a Long-Term Disability Claim?

Filing an LTD claim involves several steps:

  • Notify your employer and insurance company of your disability as soon as possible. There are strict time limits to apply for benefits.
  • Get full documentation from your doctors. The insurer will require objective evidence that you cannot perform the specific duties of your job due to illness or injury.
  • Complete all required claim forms thoroughly and accurately. Leave no sections blank.
  • Submit medical records, test results, and physician statements supporting your disability.
  • If denied initially, file a written appeal within the specified timeframe. Provide additional evidence refuting the reason for denial.

This process can feel overwhelming, particularly when you are coming to terms with a career-interrupting disability. Working with an experienced LTD attorney can give you both the moral support and the legal skills you need at this challenging time.

Why Might the Insurer Deny My Claim?

Having your LTD claim denied can be frustrating and challenging. The experienced attorneys at Capitan Law understand how difficult this process can be. Nevertheless, insurance companies often deny valid LTD claims for various reasons. Common reasons for denial include:

The attorneys at Capitan Law have seen these denial rationales used unfairly to avoid paying rightful benefits. However, an initial denial is not necessarily the end of the road, so don’t give up hope. A skilled attorney will continue to fight on your behalf to get your benefits approved.

How Can an Experienced Long-Term Disability Attorney Help?

The experienced attorneys of Capitan Law can provide critical assistance in pursuing your rightful LTD benefits:

  • We handle LTD claims exclusively and know the ins and outs of policies and claim processes.
  • We have the resources to obtain medical evidence supporting your disability.
  • We effectively appeal denials by highlighting flaws in the insurer’s rationale.
  • We take over communication with insurers to take the burden off you.
  • If needed, we pursue federal litigation against the insurer. We have the litigation experience and resources to build a strong case.
  • Our sole focus is getting you the maximum benefits you deserve. We work on a contingency basis, so we only get paid if you get benefits. 

Contact Capitan Law Today

When a disability takes you away from the important work you have dedicated your life to, you deserve support. Yet securing that support can often feel like an uphill battle. You don’t need to fight alone. The experienced team at Capitan Law is here to listen to your story and fight for what you need.

With offices in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, the lawyers at Capitan Law are proud to help residents of those states and New Jersey with their LTD claims. If you need help filing a claim, have been denied benefits, or anticipate a denial, contact us at (267) 419-7888 or fill out our online form for assistance. Our consultations are always free. Don’t wait to get the income replacement you need and rightfully deserve. Call today.


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