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Capitan Law was founded by attorney Joe Capitan out of a vision for a law firm that handles only individual and group disability insurance claims against private insurance companies. Most people obtain disability insurance through group disability insurance policies as part of group insurance contracts through their employers. These claims are typically governed by federal law, specifically the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA. Prior to filing a lawsuit, administrative appeals (out of court appeals submitted directly to the insurance company) must occur. We currently have physical offices in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, but we can handle claims on a nationwide basis since most are governed by federal law and out-of-court appeals processes must occur prior to suit.

Few law firms devote their law practice to only this type of law. In fact, most often law firms are primarily focused on workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, personal injury, or other disability related matters and handle short term disability or long term disability claims as a secondary, peripheral, or smaller practice area. We formed this law firm because we are confident that Capitan Law’s sole focus on this very specific and narrow area of law combined with our team-oriented approach better equips us to handle these claims, protect our clients’ best interests, and maximize our clients’ recoveries during the application, appeals, pre-litigation, and litigation processes.

While many disabled individuals can have similar medical impairments and symptoms, each person’s medical history and particular situation is different. While most group insurance policies can have similar provisions or terms, each is different. While most short term and long term disability insurance companies can operate similarly and, at times, engage in similar claim handling practices that are adverse to disabled claimants, each is different. Capitan Law brings experience and a customized approach to each particular client’s medical disability, each particular policy, and each particular insurance company by handling short term disability and long term disability insurance claims each and every day. We pride ourselves on developing custom approaches to each and every claim based on a multitude of factors specific to each claim. We are not a “one size fits all” law firm to our clients. Capitan Law evaluates the relevant vocational, medical, and testimonial issues and evidence specific to your particular claim to help navigate and advise you through what may be a difficult application, appeal, or litigation process.

We also pride ourselves on bring responsive to our clients. Our clients have direct access to our attorneys and support staff. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on having the opportunity to help good people. The vast majority of our client’s have 10, 20, and 30+ year work histories, and many stayed with the same employer for for much of that time before a physical or mental health impairments progressively worsened or began without warning or notice rendering that person unable to continue working despite their best efforts or wishes. If you or your loved one is facing a difficult situation or an uphill battle with a short term or long term disability insurance claim, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide free legal consultations, even if it is just to provide you with advice or answer your questions. Most importantly, please do take care, be well, and sleep rest assured that there are people that can help you and your family during what may be your most challenging time.

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