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When people think about the conditions that qualify for long term disability benefits, they often think of severe physical illnesses or physically disabling conditions. What many people don’t understand is that certain mental disorders can cause just as much trauma and disruption to your life and ability to work and may qualify for benefits. The Council for Disability Awareness suggests that mental health issues are one of the more common reasons for long term disability claims, accounting for at least 9.1 percent of claims. However, the stigma of mental illness or the perception that it isn’t going to be covered may be preventing people from claiming the benefits they deserve.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder, you may be entitled to receive long-term disability benefits. At Capitan Law are committed to helping people with mental health disorders get the benefits they deserve in a caring and compassionate environment. Even if your claim has already been denied, the team at Capitan Law may be able to help you appeal the decision and work towards getting you’re the disability benefits you need.

Mental health disorders are real, they are debilitating, and they should be taken seriously by claims adjusters. Let us help you navigate your way through the complicated process of getting long term disability benefits. If you have a disabling condition, reach out to us today by calling (267) 419-7888 to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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    Why You Need a Lawyer for a Mental Health Disability Claim

    Filing a claim for long term disability benefits is notoriously complicated. It can be an overwhelming process for some who is already dealing with the mental or physical trauma of an injury or illness. However, the often “invisible” nature of a mental health condition, such as depression or bipolar disorder, may make the claims process even more difficult and put your claim under added scrutiny. This is one of the reasons why it is so valuable to have an experienced lawyer on your side helping you navigate the process, fully and accurately complete the paperwork, and guide you through the appeals process if necessary.

    Long Term Disability Limitations for Mental Health Disorders

    Unfortunately, it has become more and more common for long term disability providers to limit payments for certain mental health disorders and conditions. Both employer-provided plans and individual policies are moving toward a two-year limit to long term disability benefits depending on the nature of the mental disorder. What that boils down to is that if you are being treated for a particular mental health condition, you may be entitled to 24 months of benefit payments. After the 24-month time period expires, you will no longer receive long-term disability benefits for that condition. This rule only applies to mental health disorders. If you were also suffering from a debilitating back injury, you may still be able to collect benefits for that particular issue beyond two years, but not for an accompanying mental health disorder.

    This mental health limitation typically applies to conditions such as anxiety, depression, and sometimes bipolar disorder. If the primary treatment for the mental health disorder is some type of therapy with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a behavioral therapist, the condition may also be subject to this limitation. Generally, conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, organic brain disease, and schizophrenia are exempt from the two-year limitation.

    This limitation can make it confusing and difficult to apply for benefits. Hiring a skilled attorney means you have the help you need to apply for the benefits you deserve and determine how long your benefit period will last. At Capitan Law, we can help you file a first-time disability claim by gathering all the necessary medical documentation, doctor’s reports, and financial statements. We can also help you fill out the lengthy and sometimes complicated application itself, ensuring that the paperwork is complete and accurate. We can also help fight back and file an appeal if your claim is denied. The long-term disability benefits process is stressful and intimidating, let the team at Capitan Law take on that stress and remove the burden from your shoulders.

    Commonly-Recognized Mental Health Disorders

    Nationwide Mental Health Disorder Long Term Disability Claims Attorney image 2There are a variety of mental health disorders that may qualify an individual for long term disability benefits. However, the nature of the condition will determine how long you may be able to collect those benefits. Going over the specifics of your case and condition with an experienced attorney will help you determine how long you may qualify for long term disability benefits. In general, these are some of the mental health disorder conditions that may make you eligible to apply for long term disability:

    Not all mental health conditions fit into a two-word diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder of any kind, get in touch with an experienced attorney at Capitan Law. You may qualify for long-term disability benefits.

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    Not all ailments can be seen. Mental disorders can take a huge toll on a person’s emotional, and even physical well-being. Those with mental health disorders deserve the financial safety net that long term disability benefits can provide. Having a mental health disorder shouldn’t make applying to benefits more complicated, but sometimes it can. Let the experienced legal team at Capitan Law help you file for the benefits you are entitled to or appeal a denied claim. You have rights, and Capitan Law wants to fight to protect them.

    If you have a mental health disorder and need to file for long-term disability benefits, or have filed a claim and been denied, contact Capitan Law. We have the experience to go up against the big insurance companies. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call (267) 419-7888 today. We don’t collect attorney fees until the insurance company pays you what you are owed.


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