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MetLife Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers

Dealing with a disabling condition can be challenging enough without the stress of going up against one of the largest insurance companies in the world to get the long term disability benefits you’re entitled to. If you or your loved one has MetLife insurance, has become disabled for any reason, and needs to file a claim or an appeal with the company, contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer immediately.

The team of disability insurance attorneys at Capitan Law have the right skills, resources, and experience to help you. We can assist you if MetLife has unfairly or prematurely denied your claim or if it has terminated your benefits. Our dedicated team will fight to protect the financial security that our clients and their families deserve. We have extensive experience protecting MetLife disability policyholders, and we’ll be here to ensure that you get the benefits that you paid for if you’ve become disabled. Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your situation at (267) 419-7888 today.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The most common mistake that people make in disability insurance claims is representing yourself. MetLife disability claims can be tough to win when facing the appeals process or denial or wrongful termination of your disability benefits. MetLife acts as the administrator, the payer, as well as the evaluator of your claim, which creates an inherent conflict of interest.

MetLife and other insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay out as little as possible, so reversing a denial or termination from them can be difficult. The insurance administrators serve the best interest of the company and their financial bottom line, not the disabled claimant. The review process is designed to favor them, not you. A disability insurance attorney will be able to help you build a strong and compelling enough case to get them to reverse their decision. If the insurance company refuses your appeal, you may have to file a lawsuit, for which you will need to hire a skilled attorney.

MetLife holds a “D” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in customer service. They report that the negative reviews regarding disability insurance revolved around customers’ dissatisfaction with how long it took to resolve emerging disability claims.

The most critical legal work happens during MetLife’s administrative process. Because disability cases are fact-sensitive and intensive, a lawyer will ensure that all of the facts are presented correctly at the right time and make the most of this process.

A disability insurance lawyer understands the nuances of MetLife company tactics and the federal law that governs disability claims. Under these laws, the claimant’s rights are limited, and courts are confined to follow specific standards of review, which only a skilled lawyer will understand.

Why Choose Us?

The committed lawyers at Capitan Law will fight to protect our clients’ best interests in disability applications, appeals, policy buyouts and settlements, and in litigation. Our skilled attorneys handle both physical and mental health disability claims, as well as contractual matters that may be used to deny claims, such as pre-existing condition exclusions and mental health limitations.

Each disabled person’s medical conditions, work history, education, and insurance policies are different; however, MetLife uses the same set of tricks, which our attorneys are familiar with. Because the circumstances of each case are unique, our skilled professionals will work closely with each client, giving personal attention and listening carefully to the details of your case and will develop a custom claim strategy or appeal for your unique situation.

We can get involved at any stage of your case to monitor your benefits, making sure that they are not terminated prematurely. Our team will file all of the appropriate paperwork by their deadlines, meet the requirements for your plan’s administration, and help you gather all of the proper evidence necessary to prove your claim.

The dedicated disability insurance legal team at Capitan Law will work tirelessly until you get the maximum amount of benefits that you are entitled to. We will sue MetLife, if necessary.

Cases We Handle

The disability insurance team at Capitan Law handles denied or terminated long term disability insurance claims. We can tackle disability applications, appeals, a variety of worker’s compensation issues, and lawsuits on your behalf. Our skilled attorneys have in-depth experience handling a wide range of cases.

Long-term disability insurance is usually part of an employee benefits package that can provide additional monthly income above federal Social Security Disability benefits. Your benefits are limited to what your employer has preselected and cannot be customized. Some clients have purchased personal LTD policies to protect themselves in the event that they become injured or ill and are unable to work. If this applies to you, we can help you get the full and fair benefits you’re entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is common for MetLife and other insurance companies to ask you to obtain a Functional Capacity Evaluation, or FCE, in worker compensation claims. This exam is done by a doctor that MetLife hires and pays. The doctor will give an opinion on your current abilities, based on this one-time exam. Each exam is adapted for the specific injury and the particular job title the worker has. The FCE helps the insurance company determine how well your current abilities match the demands of your job.

MetLife may request an Independent Medical Evaluation, an FCE, or an in-person interview with you. They will also ask for your medical records and financial information. Additionally, they will request your authorization to obtain other information about you. Capitan Law’s legal team will advise you as to what documents you are required to provide and what information you are entitled to keep private.

Unfortunately, MetLife has been known to terminate long-term benefits early. To ensure that you receive the maximum benefits that you are qualified for under your policy, contact our team at Capitan Law immediately. Our lawyers understand their review process and tactics.

Disability Insurance Statistics

The Council for Disability Awareness reports that a lack of adequate disability insurance coverage is a growing crisis for millions of working Americans, who are experiencing severe financial difficulty if they miss work because of illness, injury or pregnancy. The Council provides the following statistics about the problem:

  • Every year 5.6 percent of working Americans will develop a disabling condition due to illness, injury, or pregnancy.
  • More than one in four 20-year-olds will be out of work for at least one year due to a disabling condition before they reach the typical age of retirement.
  • Only 48 percent of American adults say that they have enough savings to cover three months of living expenses if faced with a loss of income.
  • The number one reason that Americans file for bankruptcy is unpaid medical bills.

Rising medical costs, the trend of fewer employers offering benefits to workers and the inability for Americans to set money aside for emergency savings, means that more and more people are experiencing the disastrous consequences of financial difficulty if they have to miss work due to any short- or long-term disability.

Without available income protection in today’s climate, it becomes more important than ever to hire a qualified disability insurance lawyer to fight for your financial security in the face of insurance companies that don’t want to pay you the benefits that disabled people deserve. The team at Capitan Law cares about our disabled clients and will tirelessly work to ensure that you get the benefits that you are rightfully entitled to.

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The dedicated legal team at Capitan Law Law are proud of our commitment to representing those who are unable to work and who deserve long term disability benefits.

We understand the financial stress and strain that you are experiencing if you’re unable to work. The attorneys at Capitan Law represent clients on a contingency-fee-basis, so we will not charge you any attorney’s fees unless you are paid the disability benefits you are owed. We have the resources necessary to negotiate or litigate your case with the insurance companies and will fight vigorously on your behalf while you focus on taking care of your physical and mental health.

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