How Does My Spouse’s Income Affect My Claim?

When you married, you and your spouse understood that you would share everything—bed, food, time, and income. That’s normal, and it’s what you want to do with the person you love. As your family has grown, the idea of sharing has expanded. But now you’re disabled and are applying for long-term disability benefits. Will your […]

How to Appeal a Denial

It’s hard when you are disabled because of an accident or illness. The disability can take you away from your career or a job that brought you satisfaction and identification. Now that you are no longer able to perform your work, not only do you lose the thing that helped define you, but you are […]

How Long Will It Take to Get Approved for Disability?

You’ve thought about what retirement might look like someday, but you always believed that you alone would make that call. Suddenly, because of an injury or other medical condition, you just can’t work a job with significant physical demands anymore. You’re experiencing frustration, confusion, and concern about what your future looks like. You can probably […]

Will Using CBD Hurt My Case?

The use of CBD products has exploded since 2018 when the federal Agricultural Improvement Act removed hemp-derived CBD from the list of Schedule I drugs subject to stringent regulation under the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”). However, that doesn’t mean that every CBD product is legal, effective as a treatment, or harmless. As a result, […]

Abell & Capitan Law Partner Named One of Philadelphia’s Rising Stars by Super Lawyers

This is an exclusive list – only 2.5 percent of Pennsylvania lawyers make the cut – and it’s an honor bestowed upon attorneys under the age of 40, or who have been in practice for 10 or fewer years, who are at the top of their game. Super Lawyers, an attorney rating service covering more […]

Learning from Kennedy v. Life Ins. Co. of North America

This is a friendly reminder from your LTD lawyers at to make sure you read and fully understand your disability insurance policy.

Why Choose Our Cigna Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyers?

Abell & Capitan Law is comprised of some of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Louisville, Kentucky’s most trusted disability insurance lawyers.

3 Telltale Signs You Need a Long Term Disability Lawyer

Long term disability insurance is intended to provide income replacement for you and your family during a time when you can no longer work. It is a monetary insurance benefit.

ME/CFS: The Severely Disabling Condition Many Have Never Heard Of

Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), is a disease that can be severely debilitating and leave many patients bedridden for the remainder of their lives. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that as many as 2.5 million Americans suffer from ME/CFS, there is relatively little public awareness of the disease […]

New ERISA Regulations: “Deemed Exhausted”

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning once you or your loved one becomes disabled. The bills keep coming, and great financial and emotional hardship follows quickly if there is no money available to pay them. Having your claim for disability benefits denied by the insurance company inevitably complicates things even further.

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