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Receiving a denial letter after applying for disability can be frustrating. You know you are entitled to benefits for your medical condition but don’t understand why the insurance company denied your claim. Below are the most common reasons for denied disability claims. You should review them to avoid making common errors others make. Filing a […]

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Proving Physical Disability form any Gainful Occupation due to Chronic Pain from Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Fibromyalgia* A female client in her 50’s had her long term disability benefits terminated by New York Life insurance company (doing business as Cigna) as of the date her long term disability insurance policy transitioned its definition […]


If you’ve filed an insurance claim for long term disability due to a work-related injury, you’ve already heard from countless people that your claim will probably be denied. It is unfortunate but true that most disability claims are rejected the first time they are sent to the insurance company. Some of these denials are for […]

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October 1st, 2021

How to Appeal a Denial

It’s hard when you are disabled because of an accident or illness. The disability can take you away from your career or a job that brought you satisfaction and identification. Now that you are no longer able to perform your work, not only do you lose the thing that helped define you, but you are […]

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