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February 7th, 2022

The Social Security Disability Benefit Offset to Group Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Most group long term disability (LTD) insurance policies permit the insurance company to reduce the disabled claimant’s LTD benefit by the amount that he or she and their spouse or children/dependents receive in Social Security disability (SSD) benefits from the Social Security Administration. Once an award of SSD benefits occurs, the disabled claimant should promptly […]



LTD (Long Term Disability) Benefit Advocates, LTD applications

September 15th, 2021

How Long Will It Take to Get Approved for Disability?

You’ve thought about what retirement might look like someday, but you always believed that you alone would make that call. Suddenly, because of an injury or other medical condition, you just can’t work a job with significant physical demands anymore. You’re experiencing frustration, confusion, and concern about what your future looks like. You can probably […]


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