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Pain falls into two categories – acute and chronic. Acute pain happens immediately after you’ve gotten hurt and lasts only as long as it takes the injury to heal. Pain becomes chronic when it lasts past what is considered a normal healing time. It becomes chronic when it goes on for more than three to […]

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It is natural to feel afraid after you’ve been in a traumatic situation. This may include accidents caused by other people’s negligence, domestic violence, street violence, or even witnessing a traumatic event. Fear triggers the flight or fight response. This is a reaction that is designed to protect an individual from harm. It immediately raises […]


You’ve thought about what retirement might look like someday, but you always believed that you alone would make that call. Suddenly, because of an injury or other medical condition, you just can’t work a job with significant physical demands anymore. You’re experiencing frustration, confusion, and concern about what your future looks like. You can probably […]

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