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Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 7:45 pm    

Capitan Law is comprised of some of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Louisville, Kentucky’s most trusted disability insurance lawyers. We know how critical it is to pick the right attorney to represent your long term disability case. You need an experienced, qualified attorney. You need an attorney who has experience handling Cigna appeals and lawsuits. You need someone dedicated to working tirelessly on your claim. You need someone who knows how to get results. You need the attorneys at Capitan Law. So, why should you choose us?


While success is not guaranteed in any particular case, more often than not our lawyers develop comprehensive Cigna long term disability appeals that reverse a denial or termination of benefits, avoiding a lawsuit in federal court and maximizing the clients’ chances to be paid long term disability benefits without a frustrating court battle. Our law firm takes pride in our success rate on appeal when handling Cigna long term disability claims.

Knowledgeable & Resourceful

Our law firm has a wealth of experience and resources in fighting Cigna’s LTD benefit decisions. We know that Cigna routinely uses several rationales for wrongfully and unreasonably denying or terminating a long term disability benefits claim. Our highly recommended and qualified attorneys will provide you with the guidance, insight, and services that are required to ensure a more favorable outcome for your case.


Capitan Law exclusively handles LTD insurance cases and will give you the personal attention you deserve. Our long term disability insurance lawyers are passionate about reversing Cigna’s denial or termination of group long term disability benefits to get individuals the benefits that they are owed and deserve. Our dedication to providing superior legal services and representation truly sets us apart from the rest.

Capitan Law has the experience and resources necessary to provide the legal counsel, guidance, and representation that will be needed to ensure you get what is owed. If your group LTD claim was denied by Cigna, you should consult one of the Cigna long term disability lawyers at Capitan Law immediately. Call our long term disability insurance attorneys today at (267) 419-7888 to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about our other legal services.

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