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Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 5:04 am    

When going up against a major insurance company, you need to level the playing field. Many people assume they will be treated fairly by the insurance company because they are honest, forthright, and have nothing to hide. In bringing your claim to the insurance carrier, you may very well be acting in good faith and with honest intentions, but it is a mistake to assume this will be a two-way street.

This assumption can lead you to put trust in a process that is inherently unfair. As disability insurance attorneys, we believe one of the most important functions we serve is to insulate and protect our clients from hidden dangers. Most, if not all, disability insurance policies are minefields that have been carefully crafted and can be quite cumbersome to navigate. While some claim managers can be perfectly nice people, they aren’t paid to look after your best interests, they are paid to protect the interests of their employer. The insurance company knows your policy very well and may attempt to steer you off course where they can use certain terms, exclusions, and limitations to deny your claim.

It’s important to protect yourself against these “gotcha” tactics. Capitan Law will act as the wall between you and the insurance company. While it is sometimes possible for an attorney to come in after the fact and clean up the mess, you are much better served engaging with counsel during the application process and/or while you are still on claim. This way we can level the playing field as early as possible to prevent the insurance company from playing the “gotcha” game with your benefits.

The experienced long-term disability insurance lawyers at Capitan Law take extraordinary pride in working hard for good people. At Capitan Law, we are proud of the work we do. We feel privileged to be able to fight for good people who have been placed in a bad situation that they never asked to be in. Let us serve you in your difficult battle against the insurance companies and fight for you to keep the benefits you deserve. Visit our website at http://www.longtermdisabilitylawyers.com or call us at 800-689-1056 today for a free legal consultation.

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