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Northfield Long Term Disability Lawyers

bandaged handDo you suffer from a long term disability (LTD), and now face a denied claim from your insurance company? Are you wondering if you can or should file a lawsuit? Is the insurance company constantly requesting medical records or additional medical opinions? Are you concerned about whether a settlement offer is fair? Do you feel confused after talking to your insurance representative about what is allowed under your LTD insurance policy?

If you’re asking any of these questions, the experienced Northfield long term disability lawyers at Abell and Capitan Law want the opportunity to help. We help people in Northfield who suffer from LTDs deal with their insurance companies every day, and it starts with a free consultation so we can review your case. If we decide to work together on this fight, you won’t pay a dime until we get results for you.

Your insurance company should want to help, but that’s often not what happens. Give us a call at (267) 419-7888 to schedule your free LTD consultation.

How the Long Term Disability Process Works

  1. Apply for your benefits. Applying for your LTD benefits should be easy, but unfortunately, that is rarely the case. You may be asked to fill out exhausting paperwork with details of your injury and disability. You’ll likely be asked to provide medical records that back up your claim. Then, you wait.
  2. Appeal your denial. When you have a long term disability and file a legitimate claim, you don’t expect your insurance company to deny it. Yet, the Northfield long term disability lawyers at Abell and Capitan Law have fought nationally well-known insurance companies time and time again, and have filed many appeals on behalf of our Northfield long term disability clients whose claims were denied.
  3. File a lawsuit. After having a legitimate LTD claim denied, many Northfield long term disability claimants will give up, not knowing they have the option to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. That’s where we at Abell and Capitan Law come in.
  4. Get a settlement. Your insurance company may offer you an LTD settlement at any time in the claims process, including after a lawsuit has been filed. Many Northfield long term disability claimants are so exhausted by the process, not to mention suffering the effects of their disability, that they are grateful for any settlement offered. An experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer can determine whether the settlement you’ve been offered is fair and just.

Why You Need a Northfield Long Term Disability Lawyer

men talkingIt may not have occurred to you that would need to hire a Northfield long term disability lawyer just to successfully file an LTD claim. This insurance is supposed to help people who are too sick or disabled to work. A denied claim can plunge you and your household into a financial crisis. Filing an appeal and waiting only makes your financial situation more serious.

The unfair advantage that insurance companies have over Northfield long term disability claimants is one of the main reasons that the Northfield lawyers from Abell and Capitan Law specialize in LTD cases. It’s all we do because doing it successfully is life-changing for our clients.

Long term disability law is very complicated. Not just any Northfield lawyer has the experience or the qualifications to handle these cases. That is why the Northfield long term disability lawyers at Abell and Capitan Law offer a free consultation to Northfield LTD patients.

Some complications surrounding the LTD claims process include:

  • Long term disability applications – it doesn’t occur to most LTD claimants that they should have an experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer for this step. At Abell and Capitan Law, we know that being involved in the process from the beginning can avoid problems later that cause painful and expensive delays.
  • Long term disability appeals – submitting the right type of evidence as part of the appeals process can mean the difference between a successful appeal or another denial. No one expects you to be experienced at handling these types of appeals, especially the insurance company. An experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer is crucial in this step.
  • Long term disability claim management – even if your claim is in approved status, the insurance company can ask for updated records, medical interviews, or put your claim under review for various reasons. An experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer can help manage these requests.
  • Long term disability lawsuits – It is absolutely essential that you have an experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer who knows how to effectively file and aggressively pursue a lawsuit.
  • Long term disability settlement – you may be relieved if your LTD insurance company offers you a lump sum payout or settlement. However, it may come with “strings” attached that can affect you negatively in the future. An experienced Northfield long term disability lawyer can closely examine any settlement offer to see if it’s truly in your best interests.

Why Choose Us

The Northfield long term disability lawyers of Abell and Capitan Law are one of the few law firms that focus exclusively on LTD benefits. The federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs most LTD claims. That’s why it is essential that an experienced ERISA lawyer handle your Northfield LTD claim, appeal, or lawsuit.

Our founders understand that it is often the hardest-working people who find themselves as underdogs in fights with LTD insurance companies at a time when they are facing unimaginable challenges. Not only have they been burdened with a disability and a loss of income, but they are also expected to fight billion-dollar insurance companies.

That’s an unfair fight, and the insurance companies know it. So do we. We know what evidence is necessary to fight back against some of the most recognizable names in the insurance industry, and we will use it to fight for our LTD clients. Our contingent fee policy means that we don’t get paid unless we get payment for you. That means you pay no money upfront, and you will not receive an hourly billing statement from us. It all starts with your free consultation.

Cases We Handle

Abell and Capitan Law Northfield lawyers handle many types of LTD disability claims as well as ERISA Benefit claims. We have successfully battled against some of the most well-known insurance companies, including:

  • Cigna
  • Hartford
  • Prudential
  • Aetna
  • MetLife
  • Sun Life
  • Unum
  • The Standard (previously Standard Insurance)
  • Reliance
  • Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions About LTD Cases

While we can’t answer specific questions about your Northfield long term disability case, here are some answers to questions that many of our LTD clients have.

When should I consult a Northfield long term disability lawyer?

At Abell and Capitan Law, we recommend that you take advantage of your free consultation with us as early as possible. Not only can this prevent problems down the road, but your LTD insurance company will know we are serious about pursuing a fair and just benefit payout for you.

My insurance company denied my claim. They said I can handle the appeal on my own without an attorney.

Having an experienced Northfield long term disability benefits attorney on your side puts you on even footing with your insurance company during the appeals process. This is one step in the claims process that you should not try to pursue without experienced LTD legal representation, whether it’s us or someone else.

Can I sue my LTD insurance company if they repeatedly deny my claim and appeals?

In most cases yes, you can file a lawsuit if your insurance company denies your LTD benefits.

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