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Pennsylvania Long-Term Disability Insurance for Project Managers

The responsibilities of a project manager revolve around leading and overseeing multiple organizational tasks and projects. Budgets, project goals, communications, scheduling, new project launches—these tasks and more can fall under a project manager’s professional scope. Project managers are in demand. However, the success or failure of an initiative can fall on their shoulders.

The work of a project manager is often demanding and time-consuming. The slightest injury or illness can derail a project manager and everything they have worked to accomplish. Many companies choose to offer long-term disability insurance to employees like project managers. These disability insurance plans typically pay a percentage of an employee’s wages when they are injured or sick. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be challenging. Project managers may face disappointing setbacks during the claim process and even the threat of benefit denial.

Project ManagerAre you a project manager who can no longer work in your specialized field due to an injury or illness? You may be entitled to compensation through insurance policy benefits. Discuss your situation with an experienced long-term disability attorney with Capitan Law. Our legal team understands the complications you may face when applying for the benefits you deserve. We are ready to review your situation and fight aggressively to help you earn the money you need.

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What Are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Significant injuries and illnesses can often make it impossible for a skilled project manager to continue working in the same capacity they are used to. Long-term disability benefits are one of the benefits many employers offer highly trained project managers. These benefits cover eligible employees diagnosed with a qualifying injury or illness who cannot work for an extended period. Although plans differ depending on the policy and insurer, most plans pay a percentage of a project manager’s wages.

A private third-party insurer pays most long-term disability benefits. These benefits are not the same as workers’ compensation or federal disability benefits like Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. They typically pay an eligible employee a percentage of their regular wages for the duration of the benefit plan after the specified waiting period.

“Own Occupation” Policies

Many employers select “own occupation” disability insurance policies. These policies help replace a project manager’s lost wages if they are diagnosed with an eligible condition and cannot work. However, the problem with many of these policies stems from the language insurance providers use to define the policy terms. Most policies do not spell out disability terms in black and white. Why? It’s because vague language and terminology mean the success or failure of a disability claim rests on interpretation. This room for interpretation gives an insurance provider grounds to easily reject a long-term disability claim and avoid paying out precious profits.

The duties of a project manager are broad and can vary depending on the project they oversee at the time. Claims adjusters may also determine the extent of an employee’s vocational duties concerning a claim. The description of vocational duties can be interpreted differently by different adjusters. Receiving the benefits you deserve may hinge on how one adjuster defines your role and disability.

Common Reasons a Project Manager’s Long-Term Disability Claim Might Face Denial

It is not uncommon for a project manager’s initial long-term disability claim to face denial by the insurance provider. Project managers can command high salaries. Paying a portion of that salary as long-term disability benefits can cost an insurance provider significantly. Therefore, some insurance providers rely on tactics to keep payouts low and profits high. The hope is an injured employee will not have the patience or know-how to fight back and recover the money they deserve.

Some of the most common reasons a private insurance company will deny a legitimate long-term disability claim include the following:

  • The insurer’s medical examiner does not believe your medical condition is disabling or prevents you from working as a project manager
  • Incorrect or inaccurate interpretation of your medical condition
  • Incorrect or inaccurate interpretation of your vocation and job duties
  • Insurers may argue you can continue to work in another capacity
  • Insurers may argue policy benefit coverage is limited for certain conditions
  • Insurers may argue they don’t have to provide benefits because you are no longer disabled
  • Policy limitations for mental health conditions
  • Lack of medical or occupational documentation or evidence

A long-term disability claims adjuster works for the insurance company. They are in charge of looking out for the insurer, not you. A claim denial saves the insurance company money.

How a Seasoned Long-Term Disability Attorney Can Help

long term disability lawyerSeeking the help of a long-term disability benefits lawyer is an investment in your health and financial stability. The insurance provider is only interested in maintaining profits. At Capitan Law, our legal team is committed to aggressively fighting to recover the compensation and benefits you rightfully deserve. We take the time to review your claim, gather documentation to support your case, and negotiate tenaciously on your behalf for the money you need.

Our team also understands the common tactics insurance companies may use to deny legitimate claims. We are ready to mount a compelling appeal on your behalf designed to counteract the potential arguments an insurer may use to discredit your initial long-term disability claim. Our goal is to create an overall strategy designed to help you earn the insurance benefits you have paid into throughout your project management career.

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