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While Capitan Law is not licensed to practice in Virginia courts, our long-term disability lawyers assist disabled Virginia citizens with ERISA-governed disability insurance claims. As discussed in more detail below, ERISA is federal law. If you have a claim that is governed by Virginia law, please contact a local attorney licensed to practice law in your state to assist you with that matter.

Facing a non-work-related injury or illness can threaten your financial stability. Let Capitan Law, your experienced long-term disability insurance lawyers, guide you through the application process of disability insurance via your employer’s ERISA-governed policy. Be aware that this process is complex, with insurance companies often attempting to minimize or deny benefits owed.

Our long-term disability attorneys will defend your rights, collate necessary evidence, and strive for the benefits you deserve. We offer free consultations, so call us at (267) 419-7888 today.

Differences between LTD Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

The main difference between long-term disability and workers’ compensation is that LTD benefits provide a partial-wage replacement for someone who becomes injured while doing something unrelated to their work, while workers’ comp is for job-related injuries and illnesses. If you are injured at work, you may still be able to apply for disability insurance benefits depending on the specific language contained in your policy. However, if you are eligible for both types of benefits, LTD benefits are usually offset by any benefits received through the workers’ comp claim.

Both insurance policies can come from your employer; however, not all businesses in Virginia have a legal obligation to provide long-term disability to their employees. If your employer does not offer LTD insurance, you may have purchased your own individual disability plan and paid the monthly premium. It is also possible to have a policy you purchased yourself and one provided through your employment relationship. If you sustain an injury or get sick, you’ll be able to collect benefits based on your policy type. The attorneys at Capitan Law can help you understand the options available to you and are well-equipped to help you navigate these complex issues.

Virginia ERISA Benefits Claims Experts

Each insurance company writes its own LTD policies, specifying which conditions qualify the policyholder for benefits and which are excluded. If you need specific coverage for a medical condition that runs in your family (and you’re afraid you’ll develop it), look for a policy that does not exclude it.

Qualifying Conditions for LTD Benefits in Virginia

Most LTD policies specifically list the conditions that are excluded from coverage. The policy may also have language that defines what a long-term disability is and the specific criteria the policyholder must meet to qualify as disabled under the policy.

Some of the most common exclusions for Virginia long-term disability policies include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Mental illness or diagnosed mental health conditions
  • Nervous conditions or disorders
  • Injury or illness caused by substance abuse

These may not be the only conditions excluded by your policy, so check yours carefully.

Defining Long-Term Disability in Virginia

Each LTD policy offered in Virginia will have its own language defining long-term disability, but in general, it will read something like this: An impairment that is expected to result in death, or one that has lasted or is expected to last, for a continuous period of no less than a specific number of months.

The time period is usually at least six months. Many policies specify that the disability must have lasted at least nine or twelve months before LTD benefits are payable.

Common conditions that meet the qualifications of a long-term disability include:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease or complications
  • Debilitating spinal cord or back injury
  • Chronic respiratory disease

Virginia Long-Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability is intended to provide income for individuals unable to work due to a disability. Short-term disability benefits should cover the period from when the illness or injury prevents you from working until your LTD benefits begin.

Your income from LTD will be determined at the time you purchase the policy. LTD benefits are usually based on your average income for a specific number of years, like three or five, before you became disabled. You’ll receive a fraction of that amount, on average, about 60-70%.

Your LTD benefits may be subject to taxation in Virginia if your employer paid for the policy and paid its premiums. However, if you purchased the policy yourself with after-tax dollars, then the benefits shouldn’t be taxed.

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