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Short-Term Disability Lawyers

We Handle Denied or Terminated Short Term Disability Insurance Claims

Our firm’s practice of law is focused only on disability insurance, including short term disability insurance claims. We handle short term disability applications, appeals, and lawsuits. We work on a contingent fee basis, meaning you do not pay an attorney fee unless we recover disability benefits for you.

If your short term disability insurance benefits were denied or terminated, you may think the decision was a mistake that you can clear up on your own, but we urge you to consult with an experienced disability insurance attorney before proceeding without legal representation. This is because you likely have only one opportunity to file an appeal of a short term disability insurance denial, and a final denial of your short term disability claim (i.e. where no more appeals to the insurance company are available and a lawsuit is your only remaining option) may prevent you from submitting additional evidence in court and may prevent you from being able to file a long term disability claim.

In short, you must realize that you are dealing with a self-interested insurance company that operates as a business and that your overall risk may be much higher than you can appreciate, for reasons we discuss in greater detail below. Consult an experienced short term disability lawyer today to most accurately assess your risk and protect your best interests.

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Your Short Term Disability Claim Was Denied, There Is More At Stake Than You Might Think

All too often insurance companies will terminate a short term disability claim 4 to 6 weeks before the disabled individual would have transitioned from short term disability (STD) insurance coverage to long term disability insurance coverage. Our law firm suspects this happens for three “big picture” reasons:

  1. The Insurance Company’s Financial Conflict of Interest. It is often the case that the insurance company only administers the STD insurance claim and the employer pays the STD benefits, but under the LTD insurance policy that was about to come into play, the insurance company most often administers and pays LTD benefits. In sum, the insurance company may have absolutely no skin in the game on the STD claim, but may be left holding the bag when it comes to paying LTD benefits.
  2. Limiting Future Financial Liability. Terminating short term disability insurance coverage for individuals suffering from chronic or progressive medical conditions during the short term disability insurance claim draws a line in the sand, making it clear that the insurance company will most certainly put up a fight before accepting liability on a long term disability claim that could potentially pay benefits for decades to younger individuals. In fact, under some long term disability policies being paid the maximum duration of short term disability benefits is a pre-requisite to be eligible for long term disability benefits. Thus, terminating a short term disability claim can in some instances entirely prevent an individual from being paid LTD benefits under a policy that the insurance company not only administers, but also insures. It is a classic insurance company game of “Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200 (from us).”
  3. Applying The Squeeze. If the insurance company denies or terminates your group short term disability insurance claim, your employer will be notified. This notification from the insurance company may prompt the employer to issue a “return to work” letter if your Family Medical Leave Act job protection has expired. The employer’s letter will typically provide a date by which you must return to work or lose your job. You are then at a crossroads: either ignore the advice of your treating doctors and return to work before you are physically, mentally or cognitively able (despite the risks to your health), or lose your job while pursuing short term disability insurance and long term disability insurance coverages (despite the fight that will ensure when faced with an early denial of STD benefits).

If you are dealing with a self-interested insurance company that is applying increasing financial pressure to you and your family, please consult with Abell & Capitan Law today.

“Proof Of Loss” Delays and Denials In Short Term Disability Insurance Claims

Two very common types of short term disability insurance issues that we see time and time again are “proof of loss” delays and denials. Most short term disability insurance policies provide that the disabled individual must provide satisfactory proof of loss to the insurance company within 30 days. Insurance companies weaponize this standard policy provision by endlessly requesting forms, medical records, or the opinions of your treating physicians. The insurance company can put claimants in a spin cycle of spam-like form letters that keeps the ball in the claimant’s court while delaying a full and fair review of your claim in a timely manner. And, of course, when you or your physicians send records the insurance company will claim not to have not received it further delaying the process. If you are caught in an endless loop of requests from the insurance company, or if your short term disability insurance claim has been denied because you failed to provide “proof of loss,” please contact our law firm immediately.

The Insurance Company Is Holding My Short Term Disability Benefits Hostage, What Can I Do?

One of the most detrimental consequences of being caught up in a never-ending sequence of requests for documentation or information from the insurance company is that the insurance company will often hold your monetary benefits hostage even if the claim is in approved status and without ever issuing a termination of your short term disability insurance benefits. This is another example of the insurance company applying financial pressure to the disabled claimant geared towards forcing a premature return to work. Your mortgage and monthly bills do not stop due to your disability and the insurance company knows it. If the insurance company is holding your short term disability benefits hostage, please call our law firm today.

My Short Term Disability Insurance Claim Was Not Paid Because Of A Work Injury or Pre-Existing Condition, Is This Legal?

It is quite common for most group short term disability insurance policies to preclude coverage where the claimant’s disability is due to a work injury, and to also preclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, and most importantly, please note that if you are out of work due to a work injury and are not eligible for short term disability insurance benefits as a result, you should most certainly apply for long term disability insurance benefits because most LTD policies do not contain such an exclusion.

We Handle STD Claims Nationwide Against Many Insurers On a Contingent Fee Basis

Abell & Capitan Law handles short term disability insurance claims nationwide. We work on a contingent fee basis, meaning you do not pay an attorney fee unless we recover disability benefits for you. We have successfully represented disabled individuals battling insurance companies such as Cigna (Life Insurance Company of North America), Unum, Prudential, Aetna, Reliance Standard, MetLife, Lincoln Financial, Sun Life, Standard Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Principal, and more. We take great pride in helping good, hardworking people.

Short term disability attorneys

We focus our practice of law on short term disability applications, appeals, lawsuits, and settlements.

We represent disabled individuals against insurance companies such as…

Cigna Group Insurance
Reliance Standard
Standard Insurance
Sun Life

and many more.



We have fought many rounds for many disabled clients whose claims have been wronguflly denied.

We represent individuals in short term disability…


The application process for disability insurance benefits can be challenging with endless paperwork, doctor forms, and medical records being required endlessly.  We can help.


Once denied, the appeal process may be your only chance to submit evidence to protect your benefits. You truly need a lawyer to appeal, before a lawsuit is your only option.


Applications and appeals proving disability are denied. If so, there may come a time when your only remaining option is to file a lawsuit. We sue insurance companies to recover the benefits you are owed.


Lump sum settlements can occur at various stages of the disability claim process. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to recover the most money possible.

No money up front.

No attorney fee unless you are paid the disability benefits you are owed.

We have the training, stamina, resolve, and  confidence needed to help you knockout the competition.

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Our experienced disability lawyers will be in your corner and get in the ring for you and your family.